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In Whittier, California, the city feels more like a small town than home to Whittier College. In the middle of an industrial area of the city, just a few miles south of downtown Los Angeles, is a discreet stucco building that serves as a temporary home for those traveling in a region not known for its exotic locations. This 2-acre park is located on the south side of the city, right next to the California State University campus. It is the only public park in Southern California and one of only two in California.

Whittier locals also live in nearby Orange County and enjoy the fact that downtown is full of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants. Whittiers is actually as much a part of Los Angeles as it is, but it also hosts some of the most beautiful landscapes in Southern California, from the Pacific Ocean to the San Gabriel Mountains.

There are 19 parks in the city, including the popular William Penn Park, which offers a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, jogging and more. The award-winning Whittier Greenway Trail also offers a wide range of hiking trails and scenic views of the San Gabriel Mountains. There are also a number of hiking and biking trails and trails that are perfect for hiking / biking / jogging / more, and it is also home to one of Southern California's most popular hiking trails.

Because Whittier is home to a large Hispanic / Latino population, there are some fantastic taco joints all over town. There is a variety of food, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tacos enchiladas and more. A nondescript hole - in - the - wall restaurant that promises some of the best street tacos. Portsmouth is not your average oyster bar, as it also serves a fortified version of oysters, grilled corn and other specialties.

Living in Whittier can be a positive experience, especially when you move to a new city to be close to family and friends or your new job, compared to the experience of looking for a job in Los Angeles County or other parts of California. With the benefits of living in California, you can also enjoy all the benefits of living and living outside of LA County, such as affordable housing, access to public transportation and much more.

Because Whittier is not a commuter school, there are many people who want to have fun on campus. Many liberal arts students attending Whittleier College live in the city, as do many students at other colleges in Los Angeles County.

They keep a daily oyster selection, especially at weekends when you can find up to 10 species. There are also a few bars in Uptown Whittier that are also the most historically significant that have Arturos and Puffys tacos. They have a different atmosphere, partly because of the different types of food, but also because of the variety of beers.

You can go online for more information and plan a great way to explore historic Whittier at your own pace and take a much-needed break. If you are coming out of LA and are in nearby Whittleier, which is rich in history and culture, you can take the time to explore this beautiful place all the time. One of the main attractions in Whittier Village is the Old Town Square, which is a must-visit if you have been to Whitier.

A walking path is within walking distance of the campus, accessible from the parking lot of the Whittier Community College campus. Start your Puente Hills adventure with a walk along the trail at the end of Whitier Village's Old Town Square and a short hike to the top of Mount Diablo.

Here are some of the most popular activities in Whittier: Ride a Surrey bike through the city, rent a boat in Lake Cachuma, ride horseback, visit the Eastern Stripes miniature horse farm, try a quad or jeep tour through scenic hills, hike in the national forest or drive a Segway. The big attraction for locals and visitors alike is Santa Monica Mountains National Park, home to the world's highest mountain, Mount Diablo.

The best ways to do things in Whittier, California, from the best restaurants and bars in town to some of the most popular attractions in Santa Monica.

Sunsets in Southern California are notoriously beautiful, and those you will see on this hike are no exception. Enjoy the living oaks and oaks of Whittier and the scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Bay.

The show explores the people and ideas that connect the plants and landscapes of Southern California. Choose your favorite chili-making team and perform to a live audience at the Whittier Civic Center on Saturday, June 18.

A favorite of locals is the Kids Space Studio on Whittier Boulevard, which has an indoor playground and a venue for special events and parties. More than 450 vehicles from the world's largest automaker Ford Motor Company will be on display at the museum on Saturday, June 18. The Whittleier Museum of Whitty California is a medium-sized museum located just 30 minutes from Los Angeles. This museum is open to all locals and visitors in the area who enjoy the exhibits here and want to learn more about the history and culture of the whites in this museum.

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More About Whittier