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Marina goaltender Kyle Miller (bottom) protects the net against Whittier (California) Juan Lozano (right) and teammate Jose Luis Mariscal (center) as he scores his first goal of the season during the 1-0 victory over Marina High School on Saturday, November 26, 2016. The Marina High Boys football team should be fueling the holiday spirit for the program, which is in the midst of its first year of a new home-and-home series against the San Gabriel Valley League.

Zurn, a La Mirada graduate, was proud of his accomplishments in his first season as head coach at Whittier High School. I have the best coaching staff in the world, "Zurn said. 2016 in March, followed by a second-place finish in 2015 and a first-round exit in 2014.

This commitment is a testament to the fact that we are able to grow seasonally and be part of one of the best high school sports programs in the state of California.

The recent period of good play has given the Vikings the chance to play a successful season. We were invited to the Boras Classic, where our program is and where we want to improve. It's good to come back from last season and defend the title, but we have to keep the results.

Sun, sea and sand on Copacabana beach provide a certain backdrop, but players are allowed to score goals from anywhere on the sand, resulting in a high number of goals and a good number of shots on goal for the Vikings. We scored 11 goals in the first two games of the season, seven in total against the top teams in Brazil.

Beach Soccer has quickly conquered the world and is now played in more countries than any other sport in the United States, and most of the games are played in places near home or work. Beach Soccer is played by internationally renowned players from all over the world, from the USA to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil. TV coverage that helps to expand television coverage to a wider audience in over 170 countries worldwide.

La Mirada has been arguably the region's best baseball program for two decades, and the Matadores have added to that tradition by winning the suburban league in each of the last two seasons. The Thomases helped Cantwell win his second consecutive title on the Camino Real, while Gonzales and Sharp are the team's first and second basemen, as well as the head coach and general manager. Last season, the team went 2-2 with a 3-1 win over Santa Ana and a 1-0 loss to Santa Monica.

Marina has outscored his opponents 14-2 during his four-match winning streak, and Lucatero noted that his team has dropped a total of three shots on target per game, leading to a 3-1 victory over Santa Ana and a 2-0 win over Santa Monica. We have some things to make up for, but we are happy with the results, "Lucaterso said.

Vikings goaltender Kyle Miller had a standout performance, making a pair of saves against Santa Ana and Santa Monica to keep the score on a 1-goal difference, but left back Kevin Closson crashed the net after making contact with the ball. La Mirada's defense through the middle has solidified, making just six errors in the team's previous four games - winning streak. Mariscal finished with three shots on goal, two of them on goal, and he is one of the top hitters in the division.

Lucatero looked good with energy after his team missed its first game of the season against Santa Monica last week because of injury.

Marina won its fourth straight game and earned a 3-1 victory over Bolsa Grande in the first round of Division 1 playoffs on Friday night La Mirada reached the second round of the Division 2 playoffs before losing to eventual finalist Palm Desert. In the end, it advanced two rounds, but had to finish its season against Palm Desert and end it with a loss to Santa Monica.

The game was originally conceived as a highly valued spectator sport, valued through advertising and sales and generated commercially. In 1992, the laws of the game were designed and abolished by the company founded to develop the sport. Developed by the founding partners of Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW), the "Beach Soccer Rules" have been established as one that highlights the individual skills of the players while emphasizing fair play for all athletes. B SWW's founding partner, David D. Miller Jr., ran a pilot project in Los Angeles and drafted laws for the Games in 1992.

Traditional movements have been adapted to an environment where sand and sand ball, as Brazilians know it, flow into the environment. This leads to irregularities on the soft clay playing surface and to the application of the same rules as in football.

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