Whittier California Fairfield Inn

Rai Marwah emigrated to the United States after earning a higher degree in mechanical engineering and serving as a captain in the Indian Army. Instead of finding a job in engineering, Rai worked a variety of odd jobs, including a stint at the first Denny's in Manhattan, New York, opened by his brother - a son-in-law and fellow Indian - the American Mahatma Gandhi.

In 1974, Rai married Rajni Marwah, a microbiologist with a master's degree in anthropology who wanted to start her own business. Rai and Raji decided to pursue their dreams and take out a loan to build their own restaurant, and then started saving to allow expansion. He worked 18 hours a day for two years until the loan was repaid and he slowly saved for his dream.

While Rai opened the Pioneer Chicken franchise, which was located in the town that would later become the headquarters of the Denco Family, Rajni kept her job at the Fairfield Inn to ensure stability while opening his own restaurant, Pioneer's Chicken.

Rai and Marwah were subsequently elected to the board of Denny's franchisees association. Denco's was later named "Franchisee of the Year" and Denco's was named "Franchisee of the Year." The third 7-Eleven in Whittier, CA, was taken over and Rai Mar Wah was subsequently elected to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Dennys' Fifty - Year - Old Franchise Board and later awarded the franchisor's Award of Excellence for the third year in a row. Rahul Marwah took up a position as executive vice president and chief operating officer at Fairfield Inn and was the youngest to be elected to the board of directors of Dennies' Franchise Association.

Rajni quit her job and joined the business to run 7-Eleven, while Rai focused on restaurant operations and expansion. Ritu Marwah from Portugal and Rahul Mar Wah joined the team to run the Denco Family team full-time after working in the restaurant.

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More About Whittier