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This week you'll find Southern California farmers selling fresh produce, local artists showcasing their handmade art, and local musicians providing entertainment. The biggest attraction for Whittier locals and visitors is the annual Whittleier Art Festival, a three-day festival of art, music, food and entertainment in the city of Cerritos. It is the largest arts festival in Los Angeles County and is operated by the City of San Fernando Valley with its own art gallery, art fairs and food trucks. The Performing Arts Center, an art center and museum, hosts a variety of events including art performances, concerts, lectures, workshops and other events.

This program brings art and artists closer to the public at City Hall and Parnell Park so that employees, visitors and residents can see and appreciate them, and demonstrates the city's commitment to creating a culturally healthy community. The museum is open to all locals and visitors in the area who enjoy the exhibits here and are interested in learning more about Whittier's history and culture through the museum. We hope that those who see the eye - who are striking, smiling - will get sculptures, feel happy and enjoy them as they pass by.

The Whittier Cultural Arts Commission, appointed by the City Council, is responsible for improving the quality of life in the Whittier community by providing guidance, advice and advocacy for the cultural arts. The Commission achieves this change by identifying needs and setting priorities and by providing networking opportunities for arts organisations to improve the quality of life. For more information, call the Community Services Department at (714) 888-476-5555 or the Arts and Culture Office at (814) 868-3200.

The Art in Public Places (AIPP) program provides a collection of nationally recognized works of art that are made available in public places for public use, for business and for anyone visiting the community. The aim of the programme was to provide the city with a collection of internationally recognised works of art for charitable purposes.

Since June 2011, four artworks worth a total of $85,000 have been installed on Greenlead Avenue. Four others are privately funded and include works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney, Paul Gauguin, and John F. Kennedy Jr.

The Garden Gate was inaugurated on 9 October 2004 and was the first public work of art commissioned by the city and financed under the Ordinance on Art in Public Space. Since then, the lobby has been exhibiting works of art, including paintings, sculptures, textiles and photographs. On January 16, 2008, the third city of Whittier - the public commissioned work "Community Spirit" - inaugurated the new Community Spirit Gallery in the lobby of City Hall at the intersection of Greenlead Avenue and Main Street.

The city is currently commissioning 13 artworks, including four that will go up in 2011 for the Uptown area. The first piece, called the Solar Tree and planned next to Greenway Trail Dog Park on Philadelphia Street, was recommended to the City Council for approval by the Culture Committee on Monday by a 5-0 vote. This work is described as a "firefired ceramic tile element" with a light blue colour scheme and a black-and-white background.

Many of these measurements are based on the proportions found when something is constantly growing and moving, and many of these measurements must be based on the proportion found in an individual's garden or water when it is constantly growing and moving. The artwork captures the changing daylight and shadows that fall on a building of the community center, and gives the piece energy through the constantly changing shadows. Inside the archway is an idealized landscape view that depicts elements of Whittier's history. A mural depicts the garden gate, which symbolises the garden of individuals and today celebrates the collective spirit of community in Whittlyre.

Public art projects strengthen the collective ownership of public spaces, increase the aesthetic and cultural attractiveness of the environment, increase the value of real estate, offer local and regional artists and craftsmen new employment opportunities, and strengthen and increase public health and safety. Public art gives an insight into the maturity of a city by visually enriching and building on spaces. I like the new artwork of the place because it is a great example of how public art, especially in the form of murals, is active in Whittier, with a large number of commercial and residential developments sprouting up all over the city.

Whittier is located in a valley surrounded by high rolling hills that offer spectacular views of the L.A. basin. The Puente Hills stretch from Los Angeles to Orange County and have been transformed into a wildlife safety corridor and habitat reserve by the local landfill authority that owns the land.

If you're on your way to LA or in nearby Whittier, take time to explore this beautiful place and its history-rich culture. One of the main attractions of Whittleier Village is the historic El Camino Real, which passes in front of this park during the PAo Pico period. There's a bell here that marks the pass and can give you a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of LA. If you are in Whittier, make sure to visit it, it is one of my favorite places in Southern California and one you will certainly get on your next trip.

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More About Whittier