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Seasonal cash is a position that is always available to customers who need help or goods that need to be rehired. You are always ready to help customers and employees - employees - and you like to work in a fast-changing environment, faster than ever before.

Customer questions are answered politely and competently, and customers are supported with goods. You are trained and qualified to be at the checkout and can call a member of Store Leadership if you need help with customer service, inventory management or other tasks.

The retail employee will perform a number of functions in all areas of the business, depending on the needs of the company. The nature of this work also requires the incumbent to drive motorised vehicles, operate a variety of law enforcement equipment, and often work with constant interruptions. Retail employees will be entrusted with these tasks during the assigned working hours. If the fulfillment of a task helps to achieve customer service or operational goals, the employee may be asked to perform an additional task in a given situation.

The city of Whittier promotes the use of qualified persons with disabilities as defined in the Human Rights Act of 1964 and the California Employment Non-Discrimination Act. People who need accommodation during the application and testing process should contact the personnel of the Human Resources Department to ensure that adequate accommodation is available. Anyone looking for and receiving accommodation in the city has access to all the services available to disabled workers. Your manager will communicate with you if this will be your last day of work before the end of the peak season.

Before hiring, candidates must provide a thorough police background check that they have successfully passed, including a polygraph and psychological profile. After examining the applications received, candidates who appear to be the most qualified and meet the city's special needs can be invited to the examination process based on their ability to write, pass and meet the requirements for the POST - written and oral examinations. You must be able to perform the duties of a police officer and your weight proportional to your height in accordance with recognized standards. Your vision must be corrected to 20 / 20 and not be in line with the standards of normal people such as seeing, hearing or hearing.

This position requires long sitting, standing, walking and running, as well as bending down to perform daily activities. This position requires long sitting, standing, walking and running as well as long standing and bending down for performance in everyday life.

A typical way to acquire the necessary qualifications is to have a POST certified basic academy, have a high school diploma or equivalent degree and be 21 years old at the time of sworn appointment. This combination of education and experience provides the opportunity to operate safely and effectively in an emergency and in a safe, secure and secure environment such as the City of Whittier. Candidates must pass a physical examination, including a physical examination, as a condition for employment, the costs of which are borne by the city at the expense of the candidates.

When the goods run out, you know you need to get more to make sure your customers have the style and size they need. Make sure you show the latest fashions, goods and trends while giving customers time to discover great products. Look for customers, gather new information and do everything you can to ensure they have a great sale on the floor or at the checkout.

Strengthening the shopping experience is what drives us to help our customers find what they love with less time, money and effort. We believe that the company's commitment to diversity, diversity and inclusion enables us to attract, hire and develop a strong, talented and diverse workforce. Our focus on creating a safe shopping environment for all is in line with our mission to create a positive experience for our employees.

As a company based on the Golden Rule, our success is based on treating everyone the way we want to be treated. At JCPenney, we share our commitment to our customers, support our community, and are the best retailer in our family. Working at J CPenneys means joining a community of employees who are nurtured in a safe, caring and welcoming environment that is unique to them.

The police officer shall fulfil special tasks and duties in connection with the protection of public safety, public order and health under general supervision. The police officer assists the public, provides information, answers questions, resolves complaints or, if necessary, performs other related tasks as a general supervisor.

Cleaning and disinfection of high touch areas, including retail space and toilets, to keep goods and customers in the team area. Cleaning tasks such as dusting, wiping counters, mirrors, refilling toilet supplies, cleaning and cleaning as well as the maintenance of merchandising and customer areas. Dust wiping tables and mirrors, washing and washing, drying and drying, refreshing and refreshing, cleaning and cleaning, disinfecting the high-touch area, which includes front and retail areas and toilets, cleaning toilets and replenishing toilet supplies, all in addition to servicing goods, customers and team areas.